Who we are

Sessa Marine for
Lombardia, Piemonte and Liguria
Prestige and Jeanneau for
the West Ligurian coast
Suzuki and Idea Marine for
the West Ligurian coast

We are a sales and service organization; our mission is focused to support our clients when they need help, maintenance or assistance. Your cruise with your boat and we can follow you anywhere. Our technical support has a mobile workshop that can quickly reach you in the north Tyrrhenian, Elba, And Corsica to help you when you need assistance. Our technicians have knowledge and they regularly attend all the needed class to upgrade their professionalism. We also help you on line to fit small issues.  

Our history


more than 60 years of passion for the sea

In 1963 Giuseppe Lombardo, owner and founder of the company Lombardo & C., start to sell the inflatable boats GARMA.

In 1964 he become Johnson (OMC) dealer: the legendary outboard motors with the “horse” symbol imported in Italy by the Motomar company of Milano. Up to 1969 the Lombardo company constantly grow also acquiring the dealership of prestigious brands like : Cris Craft with the famous “Cavalier”; Italcantieri with the Bora, Bora Junior and Bora Major; CrestLiner; San Lorenzo with the Garuda, Supergaruda, Aquilia e Anarua, the unsinkable boats Boston Whaler and the inflatable French Zodiac.

In 1969 the Lombardo & C. company become part of Motomar. In the same year a new brand is part of the new Motomar Palermo organization: Posillipo, at the time the models where Antigua 38, Martinica 42 e Tobago 47 boats that gain an enormous success of sales.

In 1970 OMC (Outboard Marine Corporation) selected Palermo and the Motomar organization to make the shooting of the European catalog for Johnson outboard engines.

In 1973 mr. Lombardo, finalize the purchase of the Capo Gallo plant, formerly from General Craft. He got the right of exploiting the governmental area for 50 years to realize the second private marina in Italy after the one of Punta Ala and before the famous Rapallo of mr. Carlo Riva.

In these years mr. Lombardo had an brilliant sales activity distributing in Sicily the mahogany boats Motomar: of these boats he also sign as part of the board member the builders certificates. The Motomar boats produced in Lavagna under the direction of the unforgettable friend Alberto Landini.

In 1976 Lombardo start to build military boats on behalf of the Marina Ministry. Based on the Halmatic H40 hull the corvette series 20 where born. Among the units built the CP 2046 of the Coast Guard are still working in perfect efficiency.

In these years mr. Lombardo commercialized also other brands like Motomar Floating, Saga and Draco, Scandinavian products built for severe marine condition.
In 1978 Giuseppe Lombardo start to build boats for leisure with different style, from the ligurian “gozzo” or the fishing boat of the Isle of Wight.

In 1979 the cooperation with the creative mr. Fabio Buzzi was the start of the first Trimax transmission with surface propellers installed on the legendary C&B Offshore 34.
The big turn was in 1983 with the collaboration with Cranchi shipyard.

From 1984 Motomar start to build the Military boats for the coast guard the 2201 series. Still using the Halmatic H40 Hull now with a new superstructure in fiberglass and no more in aluminum as before on the 2046 series.
On the same hull where built also some units for the Harbor Pilots like Augusta.

There are years where the first Hydra-Sports angler models 21-22-24 cc & cd arrived in Italy from Nashville imported by Giuseppe Lombardo. Other brands imported where Baja (US/ES) and Hellas from Greece. Antonio Lombardo born among boats and shipyards, started to support his father Giuseppe, sharing with him the same passion for the sea. 1986 was a very intense and full of news for the Lombardo family: this was the year of the Japanese turn. After 25 years with the American Outboard engines now defeated by the new Japanese technology Motomar and Belgarda switched to Yamaha and like before in late 1970 the European catalogue for Yamaha Outboard corporation was realized in the wonderful location of Palermo with the support of the entire Motomar team. Mr. Lombardo is awarded in Japan as the “best European marine dealer” by the Yamaha president mr. Hideto Eguchi. The 90s are the “Cranchi” years: a great success was the Endurance 31 a fast commuter still up to date with his pure sporty style, another best seller was the Cranchi Cruiser 32 one of the first daycruiser with 6 beds. Other boats scored excellent sales results like the elegant runabout Hobby 20, Derby 700, the sporty Clipper 760 and the comfortable Clipper Cruiser. Cranchi became the reference brand for all the boat enthusiasts. Other superlative boats are cruising in the Sicilian sea like the Endurance 35 and the Mediterraneé 40. At the beginning of the new millennium the Endurance 39 gave a new vision of power-boating sporty line with a comfortable cabin. In 2002 after 37 Genova Boat show and 20 years of collaboration with Cranchi Mr. Giuseppe Lombardo decide to retire and Antonio in 1988 move to Milan where he graduate in Economics. Antonio started his career as a business consultant, he teach at the university for a while, ending his career as general manager in the operational lease industry.

In 2008 Antonio Lombardo restart from scratch his family business with Marine Wizard
In 2013, just 55 years after the historical agreement between Giuseppe Lombardo and OMC, Antonio sign and start a distribution agreement with Suzuki Marine in the west Ligurian coast.
Since 2016 a new shift to bee always closer to the clients needs: the Jeanneau Group.

Today the represented brands are Jeanneau, Prestige, Sessa Marine, Idea Marine and SUZUKI!